Hidden Gifts Unveiled

“Gifts, what gifts? Horses are meant to be ridden, need a job, and once their value in this arena has passed they are throw away commodities…..”

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this statement…. I would be rich!

The last 10 years of my life have lead led me, here to this very moment, living in my passion and purpose. The world of rescue is heartbreaking, filled with opinions and the need to look good and be right. It can be downright ugly at times. It is also the most incredibly fulfilling, life changing work I have EVER done.

I am blasted, time and time again, for saving those that others deem a lost cause- those that are not ride-able, or have been broken, thrown away, and failed by humans. That being said, I realize that there are MANY ways to be right. I see the value in the differences of opinion…. Therefore as everyone has a unique and valid perspective, I am called to stay, steadfast, on my path and to make a difference in the lives of these sweet souls that others would forsake. These larger than life hearts, when healed, forgive us humans, (the very species that condemned them to a horrible fate), and agree to partner with us to help heal humans on a daily basis.

The human race could learn SO MUCH from these incredible creatures.

Introducing Genevieve (pronounced with a French accent John Vee Ev) aka Vieve.


Vieve was purchased as a yearling, from an Amish owner 6 years ago, with a nasty injury, one that some thought was going to limit her ability to be ridden or would deem her worthless.  I will never forget walking into the barn, and laying my eyes on the sweetest young filly I had ever seen. I was instantly drawn to her, like a moth to a flame. Her energy was undeniable and I knew in that moment we were meant to share this journey.

Fast forward 6 years, this girl is LARGER than life and hasn’t met a person she doesn’t adore. I also haven’t met a human that isn’t instantly enamored with her.

Vieve is a proud member of our equine coaching partner program and our herd.

This is what Journey with Equus is all about. The journey we share with them. Their journey to safety, and great health, to knowing they are safe and once again trusting mankind.

Once rehabilitated we evaluate each equine to see who is willing to partner with us and willing to do the work. The work that will ultimately change the lives of the people they meet. The journey is now about that which our herd shares with the people who seek our their help.

The horses we work with, choose to unveil their gifts to us. You can’t train a horse to do what they do in this work.  It is their natural gift, and we ask them if they are willing to partner- some are and some are not. Those that do, will go on to share a variation of the following gifts: balancing energy, like a Reiki healer for humans; Equi Detectors, they call us out when we are not speaking our truth or our feelings are not congruent with the words we are speaking; Some will pantomime back to us the experiences we are sharing; or others help us establish or see where we need to, or are not setting personal boundaries.

I am grateful that Vieve has graciously chosen to share her gifts.

It is truly magical to witness her willingly unveil her gifts to the human world, like a curtain coming up on a Broadway play, for me, its truly breathtaking. It awakens the excitement of my inner child every time, an excitement I can’t contain, which leads me to share this story.

This last weekend we were so blessed to have her partner with us in a test group coaching sessions.

A small group of about 8 including the coach sat in an indoor arena with the Vieve in the round pen.

*NOTE: many will be skeptical about the information I am about to share. What I know is once you have experienced a session with one of our horses, you will NEVER see horses in the same light again.

The client entered the round pen and moved to center, we asked her to get grounded and centered.  Horses connect to us when we are present and authentic and living in our feelings versus our thoughts.

The coach began interacting with the client…

Vieve settled in and engaged the client.  Vieve started working and providing very clear messages based on what she was picking up from the clients energy, leading us, as coaches to help facilitate a breakthrough for the client.  Vieve was reading and communicating back to us, where the client’s energy was blocked and helped us to ask focused questions such that the client could self-discover what was standing in her way.

A horse that has the gift of reading energy or chakra balancing will line up their chakra with that of the human. Vieve was constantly and emphatically lining up her upper and lower throat chakra with that of the clients to help open up that chakra and give her the strength to say what she needed to say.  To support her in being able to speak her truth,  that up till now may have been left unsaid. IMG_3734

Vieve, repeatedly would raise her head up and over the head of the client, from side to side. This was signaling to us as coaches, that the client’s connection to spirit, faith, universe or God was potentially blocked or in question. This helped us to connect to where the client was at that moment, clarity, that what was standing in the way was the client’s lack of faith to move forward in her journey.  It also could help to show us where  the client was in terms of faith and trust in a divine connection, the belief that they were on the right path.

I am continually amazed at the incredible work these horses will do to help us. Vieve did not waiver in her message for the entire session. She would only disconnect if the client would move into her head, versus speaking from her heart. Horses do not care for the noise of human thought. They are beings of energy, and communicate through energy. When we stay in our heart and express our feelings, horses can help guide and heal us. Some of you may say, b.s., and those of you who have been around horses, know that they just make you feel a certain way. They just make us feel better. If you are around horses when you are sad, you leave feeling your load has been lightened. All of us who have experienced horses in our life, know that this is true. We, at Journey with Equus are just shedding the light on the experiences people all over the world have felt with horses at one time or another, yet may not have been able to explain.

Riding is a wonderful experience, one that takes a relationship to be formed with a large animal, that does not have to allow us to ride them. It is, also, not the only thing that makes horses exceptional, it is not their sole value.

We see hundreds of horses thrown away a week. Over 130,000 horses a year sent to slaughter. This has to change. The change won’t be easy. It must start at the foundational level of the horse industry and horses must be seen for being more than just livestock, for more than just being a commodity a tool, or a being to dominate.

My mission is to the share the gifts that horses possess, outside of just being ridden. To help create a movement and bring awareness, to see these majestic steeds as more than just steeds. To see them as the loving, forgiving, healing, almost magical sentient beings- that they are. Asking for nothing other than love and care, in return they offer us their greatest gifts, gifts that help us heal, self discover, connect, lead, communicate. Gifts that help us become the very best we can be.

“Rescued Horsed Rescuing Humans – Through the Horse Human Connection”

Are you ready to join the journey?DSC_0063 (1024x683)



“You see a horse with your eyes, and you feel a horse with your soul.”

Stetson..Dumped at Auction

Standing in the shadows of the setting sun, I am drawn into the expression in your eye. One of fear, doubt and hurt. A reckoning that the life you knew, is no more. You have experienced being ripped from the safety of your routine, to being dumped at a facility with other horses, strangers to you at this time. Hurt, you do the best you can to stay safe within the new herd in which you find yourself, a herd filled with the same fear and confusion you are experiencing. All the while, wondering what did you do to find yourself here. Were you not a wonderful steed, there to carry your owner, to do his bidding, sturdy, willing and unwavering?

Is it because, due to the nature of what your owner asked, you have aged and the work has taken its toll, that you are no longer able to do the work you once did? Was your loyalty and service to your owner not enough, to secure you a safe, loving retirement.

Meet Stetson, dumped at auction, left to be purchased by a kill buyer and sent to slaughter. Thankfully he had an angel that day and was spared. We are blessed that his angel reached out to us and asked if we would take him in. We gladly and gratefully said “yes”.

Freedom Ride

I have spent the last several nights at quarantine with this massive, and broken boy. He is at least 16 hands tall and sadly lame, appears to have ringbone, a Horsemans term for osteoarthritis. I also believe he is in need of chiropractic care. He will be evaluated by our vet this week. We will make sure he gets the care he needs to live out his life comfortably. We can help him physically, the disturbing piece is the energy that emanates from this sweet soul. The overwhelming heaviness I can feel as I stand by him as I cradle his head and whisper to him that he is safe. The energy of defeat, of loss, of fear, of confusion and of sadness. His soul speaks to me, an old soul, wise and deserving. Time will heal, he will come to understand he is safe and loved. This will happen on his timeline. My experience has been for one that could be 90 days for others it can take 2 years to fully heal and trust again. I am grateful to share his journey, to be his constant and steady reminder that all will be ok.

My mission, my calling is to bring awareness to the gifts these beautiful souls have to offer, outside of being ridden and used as tools. These sentient beings are healers, they are our safe space, they offer unconditional love and zero judgement. They help us see ourselves, how we truly show up and help us to become better humans. They are our daily therapy. They do not have a voice, therefore you will continue to hear mine.

There are so many horses that do not get the second chance that Stetson is getting. The horse industry must change at the foundational level, for us to ever see a day when the inhumane treatment of these incredible horses subsides, and it will take a massive army of supporters to bring about the needed change.

To all the horses that humans have hurt, thrown away, starved and those that have been sent on the hell ride to slaughter: I apologize on behalf of the human race. My promise to you, is that everyday, I will do everything I can, everything within my power to make a difference, one life at a time.

One life that will get a second chance, one life that will heal and miraculously forgive us, and one life that will help heal human lives.

We all have the power to make a difference, to help the world see differently. Speak up and be a voice for what you believe in and for those that do not have a voice.

“Be the Change You Want To See In The World”

Safe in Quarantine

Living in your Purpose Requires You to be Purposeful

I’m blessed to do what I do. I serve others everyday and it requires me to grow everyday. As a coach, we visit vision often. We talk about the “Why” the what drives us out of bed everyday. What requires us to be the best we can be so that we can realize our dreams. What are those dreams? What surprises me is often the connection to ones “Why” eludes them.
Today at the end of my coaching day I headed out to the barn. This is my time to recharge, bond and reflect. My time spent with the horses is most often some of the best conversations I have and yet nothing is verbally said.
I approached the paddock and was greeted with a low almost silent nicker, the noticeable quiver of nostrils was the clearer sign that my arrival was being anxiously awaited. I poured the supplement I was carrying into the feed bin and my large teddy bear of a friend eagerly commenced to munch away. I rested my hand on the soft yet large sturdy back of one of our more recent rescues, gentle giant, Sterling.


I closed my eyes and I felt his soft hair under my hand, the energy that passes from him to me and me to him. I took a deep breath and inhaled the blissful smell of horse and became fully present in the moment. I slowly opened my eyes and looked to the west as the sun began to slowly peek through the afternoon clouds ….in this moment I become all to aware, aware that the reason so many of us find it hard to stay grounded in our “Why” is because we get so busy in the chaos of day to day life, that the one thing that so many times get pushed to the side, is the very thing we are driving ourselves to achieve. I too, just like everyone else have days that I’m so caught in the chaos that when its time to come up for air I just want to breathe, and find myself frozen in the moment catching my breath. 28276847_10216515416541222_2791729548062146773_n
There are days I catch myself dreading getting in the truck to drive. Yet what awaits me on the other end of the drive is the very thing that pushes me day in and day out to be the best me I can be. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, we must ground ourselves in the present. We can not become so consumed with the chase we forget what we are chasing. Tonight it became crystal clear that to be able to truly live in my purpose, I must be purposeful in my commitments. I must be aware of what I am saying yes to and if saying yes to anything that means I must say no to the very thing that drives me then I need to make a change. Tonight the saying “Clarity has Power” has never meant more to me. I’m called to make a difference in the lives of horses and humans. My schedule reflects my goals. My conversations reflect my goals. My moments of having to say NO reflect my goals. I will never again allow myself to become so lost in the chaos as to let suffer my path to purpose.
Are you being purposeful in living in your purpose?

Mooshka the Mule

Check out how our herd at Journey with Equus is impacting the lives of people.

Guest Blog written by:  Pamela Polonet Slobin

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Why not a horse? Why can’t a mule be your best friend? I never would have thought of a mule, man was I wrong. Today, I went to Journey with Equus to meet a mule named Mooshka and 11 horses all saved from going to slaughter. When I arrived… I was looking around at these gorgeous animals and cannot believe that there are people who when they are done with their animals, they sell them and then these precious babies go off to slaughter. These animals are live, breathing creatures that have feelings just like us. They have so much life and personality
in them that you can’t help but smile from ear to ear. The kisses that they want to give you. The hugs that they would love to receive. As I was standing there watching these incredible animals play with eachother, you can clearly see all of their different personalities. Some are loving on each other, some are playing around with eachother as if they have nothing to worry about. And they don’t, not anymore!! And, some were just resting! When I met Mooshka the mule, she was so sweet and full of personality. I instantly fell in love with her. Her big beautiful brown eyes with those long eyelashes were just batting at me, as I talked to her.

I brushed her and made her look all beautiful as she stood there and loved every minute of it. I loved every minute of it as well. All of my worries and stress went away as I was loving on Mooshka. She was not there to judge me. Wow… what a great feeling. Not to be judged… what is that? She just loved me back. When it was time to leave, I had such an amazing feeling of relaxation that I haven’t had in a long time. The stress and insecurities were gone that I was feeling before I got there. I read something that said “Lessons are more easily understood and the process is richer with a confidant. “
I can’t wait to see them all again and spoil them with lots of love. Love really does go a long way. Stay tuned until next time with Mooshka!


Evolution of an Obsession

Today, as I leaned up against the stall door, watching Roanin eagerly devour his pellets, my thoughts turned inward to the lessons I have learned through my time with horses. Lessons, not about being a better rider, a better horsewoman nor about competing at a higher level. I’m talking about life lessons, ones that touch the soul, that bring emotion to the surface…..

The evolution of my obsession for horses, spanning over 45 years, once cloudy is now crystal clear. Something I wish I could have explained as a young girl. Yet the clarity escaped me then. I wasn’t aware of the meaning or purpose these sentient beings were bringing to my life, or the journey they were preparing me for. My parents just thought I was obsessive, well I was, and truly blessed that they encouraged my obsession, the very obsession, that has been the driving force that has lead me to where I am today.

Many of you may think you know me, that you truly see me…. well that might be true and if you didn’t before, you will now……. and my journey, my story may just stir up feelings of the very thing, the very knowing you have been keeping at bay for years. My journey, a path paved with many divine challenges may just help you take the next step on your path to purpose……..stay tuned

The Miracles In the Mess

Horse rescue is not for the faint of heart, or those with lack of faith. The rescue world is vast, and not one philosophy remains constant from rescue to rescue. In itself, this is ok. Its not about being right, its about many ways to be right and to help make a difference. The key is to remain strong in your convictions, while not discrediting others. To not be swayed in your mission, despite the opinions of others….To stay in curiosity about the mission of others. There is room for all.

This journey has brought to the surface, the purpose I serve. It has not been with out bumps and bruises, and judgement, lots of judgement, and this is only the beginning.

I have refused to give up on my calling, in building an organization that will make a difference in the world of horses and in the world of man.

As you may find yourself on a journey, one that you know calls you, mind, body, heart and soul… be reminded you will be tested, right to the core. It will be different for all, each experience unique to the individual.

There are so many talented people out there that make success look easy. Behind the scenes it is simply because they have made a choice not to quit and not to complain. The have chosen to embrace that every failure is a benchmark toward their goal. They simply lean in, learn and move forward, quickly.

I recently experienced a month with a rash of emergency equine situations, many a night sleeping at the barn, walking sick horses for hours upon hours, even being rolled over by a sick horse, resulting in a torn MCL in my knee. All of this in the midst of starting new endeavors, ones that I had to show up for everyday, 4-6 hours of homework a night and the list goes on and on. There was a absolutely of moment of weakness in which  I contemplated raising the white flag. The reality, too many lives depend on me, there is no room for giving up. I have been blessed to be a messenger in this fight for a better world and I will step up and serve, despite the challenges the may rock me to the core.

What did I learn from all of this, in the midst of some really ugly messes, miracles show up. The miracle of a horse that should not have survived, does. The miracle of a horse that wouldn’t be touched by a human for the last year, becomes a pocket pony. The miracle of amazing people stepping up to help you in your weakest moments, despite their own struggles. The miracle of the kindness and generosity of strangers, that support our cause. The miracle of the realization of how blessed one can be. The miracle of having faith regardless of the obstacle. The miracle of realizing who you are becoming because of the experience you are having. The miracle of believing in God’s path for you.  The miracle of realizing there is no giving up. The miracle of realizing that my goals, don’t care how I am feeling….

We can’t choose what happens to us we can choose how we respond and what we learn.

Chasing our dreams, comes with a price, the price of being uncomfortable, a price many are just not willing to pay. It requires the ability to think big, regardless of those that fight to keep us average. Those that experience true success, do so because they refuse to give up, refuse to be told they can’t succeed.

My question for you is what speaks to your soul, what are you called to do, and what is holding you back? Stop looking in the rear view mirror. Change your story change your journey, don’t be a victim when challenges show up , and they will, they most definitely will. Breathe, step forward in faith and love. Look for the miracle just waiting to be born….. the miracle that may be the very one that takes you to the next level, the breakthrough you have been looking for. The very miracle, buried in the mess, that if you will just take the time to look for, will change your life and the lives of many around you.

Relationship Matters – Roanins First Ride

Relationship Matters….

Happy to say…….uneventful and stress free. This sweet guy just continues to amaze me. My apologies as technology wasn’t on our side today, video froze on mounting and the sun made things a little dark. All in all an amazing first ride, took him a bit to start to think about moving forward and he picked it up quickly, by just me using my seat to urge him forward. Roanin was extremely relaxed, licking his lips and turning to check on me and smell my boot. Seemingly asking “Hey Mom, is this what you want me to do?” Beyond blessed this boy chose me. Thank you again to all who made his rescue possible and thank you to our ongoing supporters who have donated and prayed for him through all of our health scares. Because of each one of you he is the happy well adjusted boy you see in front of you today. He has an great future ahead of him. Thank you to all for following his progress and sharing our journey. He will make his debut as an equine coaching partner this fall as a part of our Leadership Development Course and our Platinum Equine Coaching Program.  If you would like to know more feel free to contact me at candice@journeywithequus.

Note: Roanins first ride was done in a wonderful Hybrid Halter from The Horse Education Company.

To purchase one of these amazing training halters for your horse  CLICK HERE                  A portion of each purchase is donated to Journey with Equus and helps us continue to help at risk horses like Roanin.

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Heart Horse – Share Roanin’s Journey

“How do you choose who to save?” This is a question I am often asked. There is no satisfying answer, not one that will make the pain of the many lives that are lost every week, go away or lessen. There is the only answer I know. These horses choose me, a stirring in my heart, a whisper from my intuition. I just know that I am meant to share their journey.  Each one of these souls are special, each one has a story to tell and a lesson to teach us. Then there are those that come along that change everything as we know it. Then there is Roanin.

In June of 2016, it was another week of watching all of the amazing horses that end up taken to auction, are purchased by a kill buyer and end up on a feedlot, one infested with disease and cruelty. As usual there are mares with foals, some only a day or two old, pregnant mares, yearlings and two-year olds, geldings, young and old, draft horses and stallions, retired been there done that horses,  the ones that have given everything to their humans and were then thrown away.  All of them put out together in general population, not one safe from the bickering, fighting, stampeding, all in the name of survival. Many if not most will ship to slaughter, some will be saved, and those left behind, the young, the babies the mini’s if not saved will succumb to sickness and die on the lot.

Today in the herd is a young, well-built blue roan stud. Hanging out and protecting a younger Palomino colt. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I knew someone would pull him right away. I hear it all the time, how in demand blue roans are, that blue roans never ship. So, I watched and I waited knowing that his safety was certain…….

It’s now almost 10pm the night before the horses are sorted, loaded and the trucks roll. You guessed it, no one has stepped up for the stunning, young blue roan stallion.

Heres what I do know, stallions are the first to ship, so few are given a chance because they are stallions, many with little to no human handling or, because they are unnerved from the stress they are under and appear difficult or unhandled.

That voice in my head, the stirring in my heart the whisper of intuition said, Candice its time…. So I rallied the troops and we bailed him. Whew….. safe.

***please understand, that what we do involves many amazing people behind the scenes. Without them none of this would be possible….it takes a village.

The next day I headed off to my first experience with equine facilitated coaching and learning. The experience that lead me down the path I am currently pursuing. My love and understanding of horses finally made sense, I knew what I was meant to do.

As I sat in a circle with an intriguing group of people, our coach shared a story of one of her horses. This horse had come a long way, from being troubled, difficult and misunderstood and he was her heart horse. As she told her story, and overwhelming sense of Roanin came over me, I can’t put it into words, other than it was an all-encompassing feeling of love and fate. Funny really cause I had not even met this horse yet…….

Fast forward, several days later I made the trip to Lake George to visit Roanin in quarantine. I was filled with anticipation of uniting with this horse, this horse that the feeling of him had completely filled me up. The knowing that we were meant to share an incredible journey together.

Surprise, Roanin hadn’t gotten the memo. He was aloof, standoffish and wanted nothing to do with me. Wow, was the only thing I could whisper under my breath. I must have been caught up in the moment and imagined the feeling that had come over me. It must have just been a longing for a relationship that has eluded me this far.

Roanin spent a little over 30 days in quarantine, regaining his health and getting into trouble. Yep this little (14 hands maybe at the time) stud, who was in a small panel enclosure, decided that the little paint mare down the way was way to attractive and deserved his attention…and with that this little, however mighty and determined stud cleared the panel enclosure and proceeded to have a date night with the little paint mare. Both were unharmed and no baby horses were made in the process.

Roanin arrived at Dreamcatchers Equine Rescue, healthy yet thin from being sick. We were so happy to get him settled in and on the road to complete health. We did discover that he was halter trained and still wasn’t a big fan of humans. With a little time and persistence we were able to approach and halter as needed. Thank you Julie Demuesy for all of your help and expertise. Then it was time for a vet to check him out…. and our discovery was, without a doubt, Roanin was a cryptorchid, which means one or both of the testicles have failed to descend into the scrotum. Low and behold, this had most likely been Roanins one way ticket to auction. Breaks my heart to this day, that someone threw him away due to this condition.

The focus was now on helping Roanin get up to weight and healthy enough to have surgery. We knew this would be a costly and higher risk surgery than a normal castration. Over the next several months Roanin and I got to know each other, work on a mutual trust. During this time span there were hundreds and I do mean hundreds of offers to purchase Roanin. I knew this wasn’t an option. He was hyper reactive and in the wrong hands would be ruined and potentially hurt someone, which would only ensure his ride back to auction and certain death. Something in me said no, this horse is meant to be with me.

Fall was upon on us and the flies were finally gone, time to proceed with Roanins surgery. Roanin was still super reactive and a little distrusting so the trip to CSU could prove interesting. Much to our surprise, he loaded up, trailered and even made the long walk on the concrete floors without any issues. He was hesitant, curious and never crazy.

It was hard to leave him there, I never wanted him to think he was being thrown away again, not to mention this was a serious, invasive surgery. This was not a procedure done under light anesthesia. I waited anxiously for the vet to call, and was so relieved to learn that Roanin did great and was up and awake. Roanin remained in the hospital a few extra days to ensure his recovery.

At this time, I decided that I needed to get Roanin closer to me so I could work with him daily, due to his sensitive nature. After spending a few days back at Dreamcatchers under Julie’s watchful eye, we moved him up to a new facility less than 20 minutes from me, one with an indoor arena so I could start training with Roanin. So it began, believe it or not this is really the beginning of the our journey together, because in less than 3 months everything changed. I was out-of-town at one of my companies annual conventions when I got a call that Roanin wasn’t himself, his cheek was swollen and he wasn’t acting his happy energetic, reactive self. The vet was called immediately and it was determined he had developed a jugular thrombosis in his left jugular vein from his surgery 3 months ago. The vet wasn’t concerned, he was put on antibiotics and hot packs. I arrived home and Roanin was acting his normal self, running around, snorting and playing. This too was short lived…in less than 24 hours his health took a huge turn for the worse, the swelling in the jugular area was continuing to grow, it worked its way all the way down to the front of his chest. Roanins white blood cell count was high which could indicate infection, The vet told me they had done as much as they could in the field and to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. Thanks to the amazing Teri Jacobsen, Roanin arrived at Littleton Animal Hospital shortly after the vets recommendation. Roanin then spent 4 days in isolation, going through tests to rule out infection of any kind. Roanin improved and though not 100% yet the vets felt he was stable and his medical regime could be continued at home, so home he came. For the next 2 months, twice a day, rain, shine, sleet or snow storm, I was with Roanin. Roanin received 2 different antibiotics by mouth twice a day, banamine, Ulcer guard, electrolytes, potassium and aspirin. On top of all of this, his temperature was to be taken twice a day and his neck wrapped with heat wraps for 20 min twice a day.   SIGH…. The crazy thing is Roanin became more and more at ease, he took all of this in stride, never stressed or difficult. Always happy to see me, talking enthusiastically any time I entered the barn.

Two months later blood work looked good and he was off all meds, except for a three-week regimen of Equiox  and I reduced the wraps down to once a day for another month.

What a journey, scary and emotionally overwhelming at times. If you follow me, you here me say all the time “out of every challenge a miracle is waiting to be born.” The miracle is the bond Roanin and I share, a bond forged in the fires of all the medical mishaps. He truly is my heart horse, hidden underneath insecurity and fear was this truly special horse, with so much love to give, just waiting to let his inner sage of a horse shine through. He has taught me what can happen through the giving of unconditional love, and the tenacity and faith to NEVER give up on someone or something you truly believe in, that anything, even when faced with the fear of loss, can happen. Step forward in faith and love and BELIEVE.

Lots of lessons learned in a short amount of time, one would think that this would have been enough for one horses lifetime (and mine too) and….. we weren’t done.

We experienced, yet another scare with Roanin. He cut open his nose, being a silly youngster playing with the horse in the stall next to him. For his own well-being we moved him down with the mature ladies so he wouldn’t get into trouble. What we didn’t know was, Roanin did not want to be out of the limelight. He loves his daily interaction will all sorts of people. This caused him stress and he experienced an impaction colic. Thank god we made it to Littleton Large Animal in time. It was touch and go on the ride there. Blessed to all who prayed for him and that he made it through without surgery.

Happy to say Roanin is back home, up in the barn where all the action and people are. He gets daily love from many, plays with the water hose and light-heartedly sprays the volunteer who is watering him at the time. He nickers to all, inviting them to come spend time with him.

Last week I started working him under saddle. He has evolved into calmest horse I have ever started, (frankly ever seen) so much so, I have to believe he was started as a 3-year-old prior to being taken to auction. Frankly I was so worried about how calm he has become that I had the vet check his lungs and heart. For those that have never witnessed a re-breathe test, a plastic garbage sack is placed around their nose so that when removed they will take a deep breathe ( you can’t ask a horse to take a deep breathe)

OK just the plastic sack gave me cause for concern, I had never worked Roanin with any kind of bag or flag……

Up came the bag and around the nose, and not even a flinch, he took it all in stride. He continues to surprise me daily. Most importantly, he is a healthy 4-year-old horse. One that has come into his own.

Tomorrow we ride for the first time. I’m not nervous or scared, as we do this as a team. One that trusts each other and knows that we are meant to share this journey and that we can look to each other for guidance.

Roanin will start his career as an equine coaching horse this fall. God has blessed me with this fantastic animal and Roanin is going help change lives and make a difference in the world as only he can.

The message in all of this…. don’t believe that the horses that end up on the feedlots and go to slaughter are there for a reason…. really? SO NOT TRUE.

These animals have so much to give, if given the opportunity to know love, and kindness. If we could find it in ourselves to work with these horses at their individual pace, to listen to them. The horse is never wrong, it’s up to us to figure out what they are telling us. 99% of the time the issue is a people problem. The horses, like Roanin, that we take in, there is no agenda, no time-frame. It is truly about each individual horse and helping them back to health, happiness and security. Not one story is the same as the next. These horses will find their calling, just as Roanins true self was allowed to shine through so will the other horses in our herd be allowed to find their way. Some may sanctuary with us, because their covenant with man is irrevocably broke, some will find their forever home and human, some will become equine coaches. All will be given the chance they deserve in the time they need.

This is only the beginning of Roanin and I’s journey together. We were brought together to make each other whole, to teach and learn from one another and to embark out into the world to help humans, to share the gift horses have to give and to make a difference. Our goal is to leave the world a better place than we found it. I truly believe we were destined to share this-worldly experience together. Thank you to all for your support, prayers and for following and sharing with your friends. If you would like to be updated on upcoming events, our horses stories and coaching opportunities please subscribe below.

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Liberty's Legacy Inc. dba Journey with Equus is a 501c3 non profit organization committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of at risk horses and to the development of programs for at risk individuals as well as leadership training through equine facilitated coaching and learning.


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