About Candice

Raised in Castle Rock Colorado, I was born a lover of horses. I was blessed to have parents who supported my obsession and gifted me with my first horse at the age of 3. From that day forward I knew nothing, but the feeling of the wind on my face, as I took in the view from the back of a horse. No fear, just the unbridled freedom and connection that my time spent with horses afforded me. Much to my parents dismay, the obsession grew. It grew from one horse to 13 (or maybe more), most of which were someone elses throw aways. The ones too wild, too naughty, too old. The daily rides grew into weekends spent traveling from one rodeo to the next. 45 years later I look back, and the constant was the relationship with the horse. It wasn’t about competing, it wasn’t about the next ribbon, trophy, or saddle. It was the connection horses provided me. The blessing to truly be SEEN. For who I was, not what someone wanted me to be. Through that I was truly able to see them. To help them trust in humans again, to heal, and to let their true gifts shine.I truly believe I am the woman I am today because of the love of my parents and my relationship with the horses. In my obsession, the path was revealed, the path to my purpose. I stand before you today, a woman, still obsessed. Obsessed with the vision of bringing awareness to the gifts that horses have to give humans. The gifts that are outside of just being ridden. I am obsessed with saving the lives of these beautiful creatures and to giving them a second chance. I am obsessed with helping other people heal and find their path to purpose, through the loving, understanding, non judgmental eyes and spirit of the horse.

My Mission: To build a compassionate, caring organization that is driven to help save the lives of at risk equines and change the lives of people. Through healing, horses and humans are able to embrace and share their gifts with the world.

By shining their light they raise awareness to the gifts horses have to share outside of being ridden, and people are able to step into their truth, claim their power and be an inspiration for other to do the same, this creates a ripple effect, and we help heal the world one life at a time.

We focus on bringing people and horses together under one organization and our community commits to having impact, living a legacy and changing lives, such that we leave the world a better place than we found it.

Together anything is possible. #makeadifference 

I hope to help bring awareness, and to inspire others to find their authentic self and to see through the eyes of love and compassion and to approach all things our to curiosity versus judgement. 

I will share stories of the my journey as I stepped onto my path to purpose, the good the bad and the ugly. I will share stories of the horses that I was so blessedly united with and I will share stories of people unpacking their baggage and healing their emotional traumas, moving towards a positive future and shining their light, in turn inspiring other to do the same, creating a ripple effect, and healing the world one life at a time.

Thank you for joining the journey

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