Evolution of an Obsession

Today, as I leaned up against the stall door, watching Roanin eagerly devour his pellets, my thoughts turned inward to the lessons I have learned through my time with horses. Lessons, not about being a better rider, a better horsewoman nor about competing at a higher level. I’m talking about life lessons, ones that touch the soul, that bring emotion to the surface…..

The evolution of my obsession for horses, spanning over 45 years, once cloudy is now crystal clear. Something I wish I could have explained as a young girl. Yet the clarity escaped me then. I wasn’t aware of the meaning or purpose these sentient beings were bringing to my life, or the journey they were preparing me for. My parents just thought I was obsessive, well I was, and truly blessed that they encouraged my obsession, the very obsession, that has been the driving force that has lead me to where I am today.

Many of you may think you know me, that you truly see me…. well that might be true and if you didn’t before, you will now……. and my journey, my story may just stir up feelings of the very thing, the very knowing you have been keeping at bay for years. My journey, a path paved with many divine challenges may just help you take the next step on your path to purpose……..stay tuned


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