Living in your Purpose Requires You to be Purposeful

I’m blessed to do what I do. I serve others everyday and it requires me to grow everyday. As a coach, we visit vision often. We talk about the “Why” the what drives us out of bed everyday. What requires us to be the best we can be so that we can realize our dreams. What are those dreams? What surprises me is often the connection to ones “Why” eludes them.
Today at the end of my coaching day I headed out to the barn. This is my time to recharge, bond and reflect. My time spent with the horses is most often some of the best conversations I have and yet nothing is verbally said.
I approached the paddock and was greeted with a low almost silent nicker, the noticeable quiver of nostrils was the clearer sign that my arrival was being anxiously awaited. I poured the supplement I was carrying into the feed bin and my large teddy bear of a friend eagerly commenced to munch away. I rested my hand on the soft yet large sturdy back of one of our more recent rescues, gentle giant, Sterling.


I closed my eyes and I felt his soft hair under my hand, the energy that passes from him to me and me to him. I took a deep breath and inhaled the blissful smell of horse and became fully present in the moment. I slowly opened my eyes and looked to the west as the sun began to slowly peek through the afternoon clouds ….in this moment I become all to aware, aware that the reason so many of us find it hard to stay grounded in our “Why” is because we get so busy in the chaos of day to day life, that the one thing that so many times get pushed to the side, is the very thing we are driving ourselves to achieve. I too, just like everyone else have days that I’m so caught in the chaos that when its time to come up for air I just want to breathe, and find myself frozen in the moment catching my breath. 28276847_10216515416541222_2791729548062146773_n
There are days I catch myself dreading getting in the truck to drive. Yet what awaits me on the other end of the drive is the very thing that pushes me day in and day out to be the best me I can be. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, we must ground ourselves in the present. We can not become so consumed with the chase we forget what we are chasing. Tonight it became crystal clear that to be able to truly live in my purpose, I must be purposeful in my commitments. I must be aware of what I am saying yes to and if saying yes to anything that means I must say no to the very thing that drives me then I need to make a change. Tonight the saying “Clarity has Power” has never meant more to me. I’m called to make a difference in the lives of horses and humans. My schedule reflects my goals. My conversations reflect my goals. My moments of having to say NO reflect my goals. I will never again allow myself to become so lost in the chaos as to let suffer my path to purpose.
Are you being purposeful in living in your purpose?


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