Hidden Gifts Unveiled

“Gifts, what gifts? Horses are meant to be ridden, need a job, and once their value in this arena has passed they are throw away commodities…..”

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this statement…. I would be rich!

The last 10 years of my life have lead led me, here to this very moment, living in my passion and purpose. The world of rescue is heartbreaking, filled with opinions and the need to look good and be right. It can be downright ugly at times. It is also the most incredibly fulfilling, life changing work I have EVER done.

I am blasted, time and time again, for saving those that others deem a lost cause- those that are not ride-able, or have been broken, thrown away, and failed by humans. That being said, I realize that there are MANY ways to be right. I see the value in the differences of opinion…. Therefore as everyone has a unique and valid perspective, I am called to stay, steadfast, on my path and to make a difference in the lives of these sweet souls that others would forsake. These larger than life hearts, when healed, forgive us humans, (the very species that condemned them to a horrible fate), and agree to partner with us to help heal humans on a daily basis.

The human race could learn SO MUCH from these incredible creatures.

Introducing Genevieve (pronounced with a French accent John Vee Ev) aka Vieve.


Vieve was purchased as a yearling, from an Amish owner 6 years ago, with a nasty injury, one that some thought was going to limit her ability to be ridden or would deem her worthless.  I will never forget walking into the barn, and laying my eyes on the sweetest young filly I had ever seen. I was instantly drawn to her, like a moth to a flame. Her energy was undeniable and I knew in that moment we were meant to share this journey.

Fast forward 6 years, this girl is LARGER than life and hasn’t met a person she doesn’t adore. I also haven’t met a human that isn’t instantly enamored with her.

Vieve is a proud member of our equine coaching partner program and our herd.

This is what Journey with Equus is all about. The journey we share with them. Their journey to safety, and great health, to knowing they are safe and once again trusting mankind.

Once rehabilitated we evaluate each equine to see who is willing to partner with us and willing to do the work. The work that will ultimately change the lives of the people they meet. The journey is now about that which our herd shares with the people who seek our their help.

The horses we work with, choose to unveil their gifts to us. You can’t train a horse to do what they do in this work.  It is their natural gift, and we ask them if they are willing to partner- some are and some are not. Those that do, will go on to share a variation of the following gifts: balancing energy, like a Reiki healer for humans; Equi Detectors, they call us out when we are not speaking our truth or our feelings are not congruent with the words we are speaking; Some will pantomime back to us the experiences we are sharing; or others help us establish or see where we need to, or are not setting personal boundaries.

I am grateful that Vieve has graciously chosen to share her gifts.

It is truly magical to witness her willingly unveil her gifts to the human world, like a curtain coming up on a Broadway play, for me, its truly breathtaking. It awakens the excitement of my inner child every time, an excitement I can’t contain, which leads me to share this story.

This last weekend we were so blessed to have her partner with us in a test group coaching sessions.

A small group of about 8 including the coach sat in an indoor arena with the Vieve in the round pen.

*NOTE: many will be skeptical about the information I am about to share. What I know is once you have experienced a session with one of our horses, you will NEVER see horses in the same light again.

The client entered the round pen and moved to center, we asked her to get grounded and centered.  Horses connect to us when we are present and authentic and living in our feelings versus our thoughts.

The coach began interacting with the client…

Vieve settled in and engaged the client.  Vieve started working and providing very clear messages based on what she was picking up from the clients energy, leading us, as coaches to help facilitate a breakthrough for the client.  Vieve was reading and communicating back to us, where the client’s energy was blocked and helped us to ask focused questions such that the client could self-discover what was standing in her way.

A horse that has the gift of reading energy or chakra balancing will line up their chakra with that of the human. Vieve was constantly and emphatically lining up her upper and lower throat chakra with that of the clients to help open up that chakra and give her the strength to say what she needed to say.  To support her in being able to speak her truth,  that up till now may have been left unsaid. IMG_3734

Vieve, repeatedly would raise her head up and over the head of the client, from side to side. This was signaling to us as coaches, that the client’s connection to spirit, faith, universe or God was potentially blocked or in question. This helped us to connect to where the client was at that moment, clarity, that what was standing in the way was the client’s lack of faith to move forward in her journey.  It also could help to show us where  the client was in terms of faith and trust in a divine connection, the belief that they were on the right path.

I am continually amazed at the incredible work these horses will do to help us. Vieve did not waiver in her message for the entire session. She would only disconnect if the client would move into her head, versus speaking from her heart. Horses do not care for the noise of human thought. They are beings of energy, and communicate through energy. When we stay in our heart and express our feelings, horses can help guide and heal us. Some of you may say, b.s., and those of you who have been around horses, know that they just make you feel a certain way. They just make us feel better. If you are around horses when you are sad, you leave feeling your load has been lightened. All of us who have experienced horses in our life, know that this is true. We, at Journey with Equus are just shedding the light on the experiences people all over the world have felt with horses at one time or another, yet may not have been able to explain.

Riding is a wonderful experience, one that takes a relationship to be formed with a large animal, that does not have to allow us to ride them. It is, also, not the only thing that makes horses exceptional, it is not their sole value.

We see hundreds of horses thrown away a week. Over 130,000 horses a year sent to slaughter. This has to change. The change won’t be easy. It must start at the foundational level of the horse industry and horses must be seen for being more than just livestock, for more than just being a commodity a tool, or a being to dominate.

My mission is to the share the gifts that horses possess, outside of just being ridden. To help create a movement and bring awareness, to see these majestic steeds as more than just steeds. To see them as the loving, forgiving, healing, almost magical sentient beings- that they are. Asking for nothing other than love and care, in return they offer us their greatest gifts, gifts that help us heal, self discover, connect, lead, communicate. Gifts that help us become the very best we can be.

“Rescued Horsed Rescuing Humans – Through the Horse Human Connection”

Are you ready to join the journey?DSC_0063 (1024x683)


2 Replies to “Hidden Gifts Unveiled”

  1. I am so deeply touched by what you are doing for these magnificent “gifts” to rescue them, honor them, care for them and share their valued souls with others needing healing.. I learned about you through Sandy and Herb Douglas who are giving you hay for your horses. I’m so grateful for the connection and will be a contributor to your valued cause. I’m on Social Security, so it won’t be much, but I will be faithful. Bravo to what you are doing!

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