Relationship Matters – Roanins First Ride

Relationship Matters….

Happy to say…….uneventful and stress free. This sweet guy just continues to amaze me. My apologies as technology wasn’t on our side today, video froze on mounting and the sun made things a little dark. All in all an amazing first ride, took him a bit to start to think about moving forward and he picked it up quickly, by just me using my seat to urge him forward. Roanin was extremely relaxed, licking his lips and turning to check on me and smell my boot. Seemingly asking “Hey Mom, is this what you want me to do?” Beyond blessed this boy chose me. Thank you again to all who made his rescue possible and thank you to our ongoing supporters who have donated and prayed for him through all of our health scares. Because of each one of you he is the happy well adjusted boy you see in front of you today. He has an great future ahead of him. Thank you to all for following his progress and sharing our journey. He will make his debut as an equine coaching partner this fall as a part of our Leadership Development Course and our Platinum Equine Coaching Program.  If you would like to know more feel free to contact me at candice@journeywithequus.

Note: Roanins first ride was done in a wonderful Hybrid Halter from The Horse Education Company.

To purchase one of these amazing training halters for your horse  CLICK HERE                  A portion of each purchase is donated to Journey with Equus and helps us continue to help at risk horses like Roanin.

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Liberty's Legacy Inc. dba Journey with Equus is a 501c3 non profit organization committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of at risk horses and to the development of programs for at risk individuals as well as leadership training through equine facilitated coaching and learning.





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