“Embrace and Live Your Own Crazy” – Candice Ensign

I am passionate and many times outspoken and sure as heck stubborn…when it comes to my purpose.

Through years of trial and error, failures and falling down, and getting back up, I have been blessed, through a crazy life time full of events, to stumble on upon my path to purpose.
One that if I hadn’t been paying attention would have yet again passed me by. I believe that our soul purpose, the one we were put on earth to fulfill, has always been in front of us, whether we see it will depend on what color lense we are seeing our world through at the time.
In the last 10 years, through hard lessons, divine storms and finally listening to my intuition and being brave enough to embrace my crazy, I have clarity, now to spread a clear message.

I am here to help bring awareness to the gifts horses and humans have to give.
What I have discovered is when people are able to unpack their emotional baggage, become whole and truly love themselves, then are then able to identify with their God given, natural gifts, what makes them unique.

As their emotional traumas start to clear, they are confident in walking in the world, confident and whole and willing to share their unique gifts with the world, letting their light shine. As they shine they illuminate the way for others still in the darkness, they become a source of inspiration for others to heal, and emerge from the darkness and share their gifts with the world.

It’s a ripple effect, spreading hope and love and healing, out into a world that so desperately needs it.

At our sanctuary we focus on and raise funds for healing and empowering survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking, PTSD, at risk youth and LGBTQIA and more.
We also offer private sessions for anyone looking to clear blocks, heal and move towards a positive future.

The horses and mules are no different than us as people. The challenge is they are seen as livestock, something to be used and when they no longer serve ones definition of useful they are thrown away without regard.

I am a voice for these sweet souls. I am here to raise awareness around the gifts that horses and mules have to share with us as humans, outside of being ridden. They possess and willingly share gifts that help us heal.

I am drawn to the misfits, (being one myself) the ones who would not be candidates for traditional rescues, due to injury, physical or mental limitations. At our sanctuary we rehabilitate them, show them love and compassion. We meet them where they are and work at their pace, no expectations no timeline. No agenda of being ridden or trained to do a job.
The work I do with the horses is different than anything I had experienced prior with horses, and I have been hands on since the age of 3.
It is truly magical to watch the transformations and to see once healthy and willing how they can help people heal emotional traumas.

Even the horses that we have, that I swore would never coach because they were never going to trust or be safe for humans, much to my surprise one by one they come around and one day they show me they are ready, ready to give back,ready to help the very human race that abused and threw them away. We have so much to learn from these incredible creatures.

My purpose is to be able to provide a second chance,
by helping the horses and mules we are able to help people.
When both are happy, healthy and whole we are helping heal the world one life at a time.

I have been called crazy and I am certainly misunderstood, and at times I walk alone. What I know, is this is my path, this is my calling.
I am steadfast in my faith and my belief that this is what I put on earth to do, and I have only just begun.

Listen to your heart, believe in your intuition. Once you have discovered your purpose, nothing will stop you, everything makes sense and battling the storms is never in question, you will do what it takes to honor and pursue your purpose and keep your promise.
Remember, chances are your purpose has been right in front of you your whole life, take off the blue colored lenses you are currently looking through and try the rose colored lenses, look at things from a different perspective, think outside the box…….see what shows up, what’s possible.

Remember your power and strength come from loving yourself and walking in this world as your authentic self and being fully expressed. There is no power, no fulfillment in being less than who you truly are, do not walk in someone else shoes, stop being who others tell you, you are.

Shining your own kind of crazy is liberating and life changing, surround yourself with those who truly see you and love you for every bit of your crazy, misfit, unique, magical, perfectly imperfect self that you are and watch the magic ensue.

3 thoughts on ““Embrace and Live Your Own Crazy” – Candice Ensign

  1. What I have discovered is when people are able to unpack their emotional baggage, become whole and truly love themselves, then are then able to identify with their God given, natural gifts, what makes them unique.

    So true my beautiful hard-working and kind friend. 🌻


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